Escape the busy streets and crowded surfspots of Bali to explore a quieter side of Indonesia
and discover places you never would have dreamed of.

The ROYAL FORTUNA CRUISES / RFC brings you to exciting new places, empty surfbreaks and pristine beaches. You can surf, do yoga, go snorkeling, explore the beauty of the numerous islands or simply find your inner peace while sailing the ocean.



The ROYAL FORTUNA is a traditional Phinisi schooner built in 2012 by the famous Konjo tribe in Sulawesi, Indonesia. She was completely renovated  in 2017 and is now the fastest, most comfortable and safest boat that is dedicated to find empty line-ups in the remote areas of Nusa Tenggara.


The RFC offers 5 spacious and cosy cabins for up to 11 guest and 2 shared bathrooms with European style toilets as well as a monsoon shower. We decided against offering AC because we would like to be as environmentally friendly as we can. All our cabins have windows, a door and oscillating fans: 2 double bed cabins on main level, 2 bunk bed cabins on main level, 1 double bed plus single bed cabin on first level


Our indonesian crew is very experienced and will do their best to make your holidays as comfortable and awesome as they can. On our surf trips we have a German native- and English speaking cruise director on board who will organize all the daily activities like snorkeling or land excursions according to the guest wishes.When it comes to surfing you will be dropped off directly in the lineup. Our crew will keep an eye on you and pick you up as soon as you want to get out of the water. We love to spoil our guests, especially when it comes to our mouth-watering dishes whipped up by our expert cook, who can also prepare excellent vegetarian food.


We have individually put together various surfaris for you to get the most out of your holiday! All surf trips are planned according to the season and the swell with the experience of our crew, so you get to know exciting places, surf empty line ups and discover unspoiled paradise beaches. The RFC takes you to the most remote areas with world-class waves in the southeastern Nusa Tenggara region such as Sumbawa, Sumba, Savu & Rote.

THE SECRET SUMBAWA SURFARI - This adventure is a combination of surfing empty spots in totally remote areas of Sumbawa and exploring the beauties of the Komodo National Park. Duration and locations make this trip ideal for couples with non surfing partners or family trips as there is something exciting for everyone to do.
 The adventure starts in Labuan Bajo, Flores which is the gateway to the Komodo National Park and directly on our route towards the surf. Easy reachable from Bali with numerous direct flights per day (1 hour). We will spend the first day of our trip with a trek at Rinca Island where we will hopefully have an encounter with the famous Komodo Dragons. Afterwards our journey takes us to Padar Island to enjoy a couple of Bintangs while frothing at the beautiful sunset. The next day the RFC will reach the first surfspot which is the hidden gem of the area and one of our favorites. Surf eat sleep repeat will be our motto. The following days we will explore the coastline and surf empty lefts and rights as most spots are not accessible by land. On the way we will pass the world-class surf spots around Lakey Peak and if desired snatch a few waves while we are there. This is a quite crowded area though and we will decide on site if we stay or keep sailing for one more hour to completely empty breaks. After a bit more than a week we will head back towards the Komodo National Park where we will spend the last 1,5 days with visiting the beautiful Pink Beach in Komodo Island and snorkeling at the most amazing and alive coral reefs, hopefully run into a few of the majestic locals living there - the manta rays. Our Adventure ends in Labuan Bajo again.

THE INTENSE SUMBA SURFARI - Sumba has a long and beautiful shoreline with a few known but many more unknown surf spots. Numerous bays and small peninsulas offer a perfect terrain for awesome surf with an almost 100% guarantee of zero other surfers in the water next to us. Reaching those spots by land is very hard and sometimes impossible, so going on a boat is the only way to surf them. 
We start our journey in Labuan Bajo from where we enter the Komodo National Park. We will make a stop at Rinca Island to see if we can find the famous Komodo Dragon there. For sunset we visit Padar Island to have a few Bintangs before we do an overnight ride to Sumba. We reach Sumba the next morning and scope out Perro Left and Perro Right first thing. The following days we will sail along the beautiful and untouched coastline for about 100 nautical miles and surf different spots along the way. The landscape is breathtaking, pristine beaches, wild jungle, untouched by civilization.
 On this trip we will be surfing only a few known spots but mainly unknown and empty waves. We reach the little exposed island Mangkudu, famous for its left but also offers a great right. Our next and last surf destination on Sumba mainland will be an area with a few waves next to each other, Racetracks & Five-O ́s to name a couple, before we sail to our final destination Waingapu.

THE ULTIMATE SUNDA ISLANDS SURFARI - On this journey the RFC will bring you to the remote areas of South East Nusa Tenggara or the Lesser Sunda Islands. Sumba, Savu, Rote and a few small but very wave rich islands are exposed to a very large window of swell directions and almost always empty. We start in Waingapu, Sumba and after our first cruise we will reach the spots Racetracks and Five-O ́s where we will surf as much as we can! Our next destination south of Sumba mainland will be an island called Mangkudu with a magical lefthander and also a nice right. Then we will do an overnight crossing towards a very remote area of Indonesia. The islands of Savu and Raijua are hardly every visited by surfers and offer amazing waves with zero crowds. After another overnight crossing we will reach Rote which is known for the famous multi peak left hander T-Land which is an amazing wave indeed but also easy accessible by land. But in the closer area are numerous smaller islands which are only accessible by boat and guarantee empty breaks! From Rote we will continue our route towards Kupang, Timor where our adventure will come to an end.


If you are a group of friends who wants to charter the RFC for a private surfari just let us know your preferences and we make you an unbeatable offer! In 2022 we start from August to November as well in 2023 again from April to November and that from US$ 199 per night/person!

Please fill out the form below and send it. We will get in touch with you immediately!