How is the RFC different to other Surfari-Boats?
The Royal Fortuna is almost 30 meters long and one of the fastest and most comfortable boats in East Indonesia searching for waves. If you are looking for the same luxury as a 4-star hotel and air conditioning is an essential to your survival, then you are certainly wrong on the RFC!!! But if you don't want any compromises while surfing and want to enjoy remote and empty spots then you've come to the right place. In addition, our crew is experienced and authentic! Luxury is a matter of definition, 4-star food and care is something you will certainly experience with us.  

How can I imagine a typical day on the RFC?
Because of the proximity to the equator, sunrise and sunset in Indonesia are around 6 o'clock in each case. If you wish, your day can start very early to get the most out of it. When you wake up, you'll hear the engine sounds and we are already on the way to the surf spot of the day. Coffee, tea and a small snack will be available and you can already sit in the water at sunrise. After an extensive session, a hearty breakfast will await you afterwards! Meanwhile, the rest of the day is discussed with the crew, and you can go back into the water right after breakfast and before lunch. When you come back, lunch will already be waiting for you. Depending on the conditions and route, the RFC will move to the next surf-spot for another session before sunset as fast as possible. In the evening after the last surfing session, everyone has to get on board in time to bring the RFC to their anchorage, where once again a mouth watering dinner will await you. Usually at around 9pm everyone is really tired, the lights go out and we all dream of epic waves.

What should I take with me?

> Passport (valid for at least six months beyond the end of the journey!) 

> Cash in Indonesian rupiah or US dollars (to pay for drinks and tips on board!)
> EC Maestro Card & Credit Card (please think about disabling Geo-Control) 

> Surfboard (two boards are recommended) 

> Surfing Equipment (Finns, Leash, Tropical Wax, Lycra, Booties, Repair Kit ..) 

> Neoprene shirt can come in handy but is not a must. 

> Sunscreen (sunscreen,zink, sunhat, sunglasses ...) 

> Clothing (not much is needed on board - two boardshorts, T-shirts, long shirt and trousers are enough. Towels are available!) 

> First Aid Kit & Personal Things ...  

> Fishing lines and rods for deep-sea fishing 

> Yoga mat 

> Water Bottle - we try the best we can to go without plastic bottles and instead use the water dispenser on board where you can fill up your private water bottles 

> Games, poker, books, movies ... 

> Music and Camera ...  

What should I NOT take with me?

> Drugs or other illegal items 

> Too much clothing and luggage. Limit yourself to the essentials!

What are the entry requirements? Do I need a visa?
Please inform yourself at the Foreign Office of your country of origin! For German citizens passport and visa requirements apply. Tourist visas up to 30 days are granted at entry to Indonesia at the airport. For this a passport with a validity of six months beyond the end of the journey is required!

How well should I be able to surf?
We are assuming that you are an advanced surfer, so you should master the drop-ins in different conditions and be able to surf along a wave. Almost all spots are reef and not suitable for beginners.  

Which airlines can you recommend?
We are happy to advise you on this and can also organize the flight booking for you. We are always up to date and know all tariffs, connections and baggage regulations.  

Which insurances are needed?

> Travel health insurance incl. repatriation are mandatory 

> Accident insurance incl. salvage cost coverage, such as helicopter transport 

> Liability insurance


> Cancellation insurance

Do I need money during the trip and can I pay by credit card?
You need money for drinks as well as for the usual tip on boats for the crew. Credit card payment is not possible on board the RFC! The drinks are entered into the drinks list by each participant during the boat trip and are paid in cash at the end of the trip in US dollars or IDR. Beside the drinks and tips everything is included in the price, so you hardly need any additional cash. Apart from that you’ll need cash for the time to/at the airport and the stopover.

Is there internet?
3G/ 4G mobile phones operate on international roaming in Indonesia at correspondingly high rates. We recommend to buy a prepaid simcard at the airport. These are quite cheap in Indonesia but please note that they have to be registered since 2018. On board we have a wireless router, in which your simcard can be inserted. But the connection always depends very much on the weather and the current location.

What are the weather conditions?
East Indonesia has a tropical monsoon climate. The temperatures are between 25 and 35 degrees celsius all year, the water temperature between 25 and 28 degrees. Monsoon season is from October to March, therefore short thunderstorms, rain and storms are very common. The summer months of July and August are usually quite windy and of limited suitability for surfing.

How are food and drinks on the RFC?
The booked trip includes a daily delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as drinking water on board the RFC. You should bring sweets yourself, if needed. Drinks such as coke, beer etc. are available on board. If someone wants a bottle of rum, whiskey, vodka or wine, we ask for info in advance.  

Can I also have a single room?
Is available on request and at extra cost!

Is it possible to buy surfboards?
No! Therefore, you should have a second surfboard (just in case). Spare fins, spare leashes and a repair kit are also highly recommended.